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Art in Conversation: Acts of Matter

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Greetings! I created this blog post to document the different ideas and collaborations that took place during my 6 week artist residency at Art Produce. My goal during my residency was to create a new work for my Art in Conversation series.

Art in Conversation is an immersive performance series where I collaborate with various artists to create an original interdisciplinary work. This series invites viewers to participate in part of the creative process. Art in Conversation is an opportunity to interact with viewers and ask them questions that invite them to respond to my work as it's being created, adapted and performed.


Acts of Matter at Art Produce

Acts of Matter is inspired by the film PUMZI. I wanted to create a work in response to the film and start a conversation about sustainability in the arts. I asked each of my collaborators to view the film and we worked together to build a response and the installation you are viewing today is a reflection of that.

The installation Acts of Matter contains work of the following Artists:

Maria Rios-Mathioudakis - Cyanotype

BJ Robinson - Music Composition and Instruments

Alyssa Ajay Junious - Dance Film

Emmalene Nichols - Videographer

'As above, so is below' is the first work you'll see as you walk into the space. This work was created by Maria Rios-Mathioudakis. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process. This is a 13ft cyanotype and the composition was created with palm leaves and from my neighbors palm tree.

Below is some documentation of process that took place here at Art Produce! This was my first experience creating an installation and I learned so much from Maria and Matt!


Next in the space you will see a collection of instruments BJ created. Inspired by the film PUMZI, he wanted to create sound from organic and recycled material. His sound scape is part of the dance film and you will hear it in the space before the film begins and during the last section of the film.

To learn more about his process you can experience a few interactive stations out in the garden.

Station 1: Strings

Station 2: Percussion

Station 3: Instrument Materials

Click the file below to learn more about BJ's inspiration for creating is original composition for Acts of Matter.

Download KEY • 66.31MB


Lastly you will see dance film Acts of Matter playing on a projection. This film runs about 10 minutes. In between each loop you will hear BJ's music composition titled 'Acts of Matter'.