"An investment in knowledge makes the best interest"

 - Benjamin Fraklin

Pilates | Dance Technique | Choreography

 I love sharing my passion for dance and fitness. I believe the ability to express one’s self and relate to others is a skill that can be very valuable in various professions and social experiences. I  teach upbeat and dynamic classes in North County San Diego. My   programs are suited for individuals who are looking for a well-rounded movement practice. 



"Let's create and build a movement practive you love and enjoy doing everyday." - Alyssa

I've always had a passion for movement and fitness. I was introduced to the pilates method while studying Dance Performance at the University of California, Irvine and used the pilates method as a form of cross training. I trained under Diane Diefenderfer at Studio Du Corps. My 450hr teacher certification program was Ron Fletcher based and focused on the classic mat and reformer work of the founder, Joseph Pilates. I am certified to teach various pilates formats and on the following apparatus': mat, reformer, cadillac, barrel, EXO chair, tower, and pedi pole. 

Check this simple resistance band chair workout. Add it to your daily movement routine to see improvement in your posture and mood. 

Chair Pilates Warmup

Pilates is for every BODY!

Upcoming Community Classes

Elevate your practice!


I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise. I am invested in educating the youth enjoy mentoring aspiring dancers and artists. 

Would you like to enhance your program?​ Are you looking for a guest teacher for your dance team?

I Provide workshops for dancers on injury prevention, performance skills, and technique.

  • Training Formats

    • Technique 

      • class is centered around improving movement vocabulary, alignment, execution, and endurance.​

    • Choreography

      • class focuses on improving rhythm, stylized movement, and performance skills.​


Dance Coaching & Conditioning

Dance Workshops

I have worked professionally in the concert dance, musical theatre and commercial industry.  As a choreographer, I have been commissioned to set work for competitive studios, school dance programs, professional dance companies, and special events.

My choreography is influenced by my diverse training in dance, music and theatre. I received my B.F.A in Performance and Choreography from the University of California, Irvine. 

I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops to children, teen and adult dancers.

Choreography styles include: 



Musical Theatre

Hip Hop


Ballroom (swing and cha cha)

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