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Art in Conversation

Art in Conversation is an immersive performance series where I collaborate with various artists to create an original interdisciplinary work. This series includes showings and/or performances that invite viewers to participate in the creative process. Art in Conversation is an opportunity for me to interact with viewers and ask them questions that invite them to respond to my work as it's being created, adapted and performed.

Acts of Matter | Art Produce | July 25 | 6-8pm 

I am currently am artist in residence at Art Produce and I am collaborating with local artists to create a new body of work titled Acts of Matter. This project is inspired by my interest in Afro Futurism, Creative Collaboration, and Film. 

Works in Conversation

I am currently interested in learning more about Afro Futurism. While reading and researching, I learned about the short film PUMZI. I invite you to view the film. 

Artists in Conversation

During my residency at Art Produce I am collaborating with two artists to present Acts of Matter. 
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